Computer security as part of information security

Computer security as part of information security

Computer security is an operational component of information security, since it is responsible for implementing software and hardware tools, with which it is possible to mitigate the vulnerabilities and threats detected in an information system. It should be noted that the information systems are composed of hardware, software, communications networks, data and personnel; components that must be observed from the security of information and ensure that these five components are aligned to the controls required by the business. That is why from the computer security, tools that help in the automation of processes and procedures are implemented, in order to reduce vulnerabilities and threats, and thus achieve closer to the fulfillment of the three pillars of information security : integrity, availability and confidentiality.

These controls seek to minimize the exposure of computer assets to security incidents that compromise this triad, however, it is a constant hard work, identify opportunities for improvement that allow us to strengthen the defenses against new threats that impact the functioning and productivity of our organizations

That’s when software and hardware tools allow you to monitor abnormal behavior in information systems, as antivirus does with some of the most popular types of malware. They also allow the automation of security protocols that are standardized in communications and implement firewall-like filtering solutions, controlling network traffic through the ports and their services on the platform used.

Computer security is strengthened with the domain of these tools by the systems staff of the organization, but according to a survey conducted in our FanPage, also taking as reference the reports of the software industry, we note that companies are not Taking seriously the boom that computer crimes have had, because pitifully only when they are victims and their information assets are affected, is when they take action on the matter to delve into solutions that allow to maintain a minimum standard of business continuity.

Today, threats with advanced malware are gaining ground, thanks to the evolution of technology and electronics, where we can highlight a wide variety of significant advances in all areas of information technology and communications, allowing us to automate more processes, but that at the same time fly us more vulnerable to threats related to artificial intelligence and advanced programming techniques for the construction of this malware.

This is why it is not enough to use firewalls or antivirus regardless of their detection mode, be it heuristic or through signatures, because malware is becoming smarter and skips the barriers that we put on a daily basis, therefore, computer security will never be sufficient and its efficacy and efficiency must be evaluated periodically to ensure that it meets the objectives for which it was implemented.