We offer consulting services tailored to your needs, with experienced and qualified staff, to find optimal solutions according to your budget.

Ethical Hacking:

We perform penetration tests to your company’s systems with authorized consent, besides we develop diagnostic activities over your system’s infrastructure looking for any flaws that may compromise the security of your information and the continuity of your business’ functionality. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We analyze your services and communications’ infrastructure looking out for any vulnerability either internal or external that may compromise the security of your information system.
  • We make automatized tests for your peripheral equipment in order to determine their reliability.
  • We design mechanisms of attack using social engineering in order to collect information from your company’s employees.
  • We make a report with the possible exploits we encounter in your company’s database, and we will classify them accordingly with how critical they may be and how straightforward their access is to third-parties.

Business Continuity Planning:

We help you design your business continuity plan according to your ideal objectives. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We analyze your mechanism of business continuity plan; we recommend and implement it with the best practices.
  • We organize simulations of disasters in a preventive manner in order to check your contingency protocols and your personnel’s reaction.
  • We train your technical personnel in order for them to be capable of maintaining your infrastructure up and running, this training intends to support the service agreement you may have with your clients.
  • Through the usage of the PDCA (plan–do–check–act), we help you to arrange the right business continuity plan for your company.


We combine the creation of apps with the infrastructure operations, with a software development methodology which is focused on communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT professionals.  The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We automate deployment processes for apps in Linux and in Windows servers.
  • We analyze the code statically to find room for improvement, generating automatic reports.
  • We make the regression testing of the apps statuses easier, including the database that supports these with the goal of validating the retrospection and the evolution of your IT systems.
  • We provide produced artifacts (libraries, package codes, etc.) in the development process in only one place where those who are interested can consult of these.

Information Systems Audit:

We analyze, design and implement audit strategies in order to validate the process your company has. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We will audit your information system taking into account the best practices that have been proposed by COBIT and ITIL.
  • We design mechanisms that compile the data related to your information systems with the objective of making clear reports.

Quality Management Systems and Information Security:

We offer consultancy and advice on the adoption of quality management systems in information security.

  • We train your personnel and help them in the implementation of high-quality standards ISO 27000.
  • We audit the implementation of your quality systems according to the norms.
  • We help your company in the search of PCI DSS certification in order for your company to go along with the standard of data security for the industry of payment cards.

Secure Integration with Online Payment Platforms:

We safely integrate your applications with payment gateways in order for your system to be able to support monetary transactions. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We audit and certify the integration code used in transactions to online payment methods.
  • We validate the communication methods and we recommend cryptographic techniques in order to ensure the reliability and integrity of your information.
  • We make integrity tests with the online payment platforms your company uses.