Software Development

Software Development

We develop apps that fit your needs accordingly with the objectives of the target business, these apps include mobile apps, web pages, and business apps.

Business Apps Development:

The business apps are created with high tech and contemporary development patterns and using agile methodologies to control every project. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We design the architecture of your systems so that it can interrelate with the other corporate systems.
  • We use modern programming language when we develop the business apps.
  • We connect your systems with the business apps based on the relationship with your clients (CRM).

Mobile Apps Development:

We create apps for Android and iOS platforms with high-quality standards by continuously analyzing the programming with automatized tools in order to be sure to provide quality. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We create your mobile apps in a way they are optimized in data usage.
  • We secure the communication channel between the apps and the enterprise backup systems.
  • We develop apps in a native language and in hybrid tools in order to decrease the maintenance costs.

Web Pages Development:

We combine the creation of apps with the infrastructure operations, with a software development methodology which is focused on communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers and IT professionals. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We use modern content moderators with highly adjusted templates directed to the usage and needs of your company.
  • We search for conversion processes in order to make product and services sales easier.
  • We include search engine optimization techniques to place the webpage on the top results after a search using a browser.
  • We develop campaigns with both paid and free tools, in order to spread your business’ webpage content.
  • We measure the audience reached and lost in your website.

Integration Platform Development:

We design and develop independent integration platforms using several techniques to share the information. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We integrate the information systems with other platforms in order to automate the share of information.
  • We develop modern web services to expose the information that is intended to be shared with other information systems.
  • We generate alert and records events about the integration platform.