We take care of the servers and equipment of communication both physical and logical that are owned and used by our clients, supporting its correct operation. Besides, we monitor the technological infrastructure through safety protocols which generate an alert on time, guaranteeing the availability of the services to your clients.

Communication Network:

We design the architecture of your network, we configure and manage the devices which support your communications, and we analyze its performance. We implement a restructuration in your company’s network in order to enhance the security of your communications. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We analyze the needs of your company, having in mind the physical installations and the exact number of access points required.
  • We validate your communication devices according to the industrial standards, and the number of devices that require the connection.
  • We design and restructure the type of communication network that your company demands.
  • We adequately configure your communication devices, having in mind the role that each device is going to play in your network architecture.
  • We arrange network solutions of which administration is controlled in a centralized way by specialized devices.
  • We evaluate the performance of your network by launching tests that simulate network congestion, in order to confirm the correct operation of your communication devices.
  • We certify your network access points that guarantee the reliability on its precise functionality.
  • We administrate the devices remotely, using smart tools that generate information in real time.

Windows and Linux Servers:

We safely configure the services offered by your company, according to the needs of your business. We configure the tools that manage the state of your servers, remotely doing so regardless of the location the servers are in. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We strengthen the configuration of the services your company provides, as well as the operating system that runs it, with the final purpose of reducing the vulnerabilities.
  • We determine what files are the most critical on your operating system and secure them using data validation processes, this is done in order to keep control over these and avoid any possible modification.
  • We create business continuity protocols to re-establish your services in pre-established periods of time.
  • We configure mechanism of correlation of events with centralized management in order to administer the log files of your services remotely.
  • We perform a stress test on your servers in order to determine how available your services are to the public.
  • We configure SSL certificates in your services as a safety measure in order to prevent any hacker attacks.
  • We increase the protection systems for your company, done accordingly to a  vulnerabilities analysis we develop.

Relational database and NoSQL:

We manage your information according to national legislation and we help you in the process of getting a security backup. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We define administrative policies of the information since we seek to accomplish the national and international legislation in terms of personal data treatment.
  • We audit your database seeking to avoid fraudulent operations according to your business model.
  • We analyze the performance of your database with the final purpose of determining the capability levels of fulfillment of your storage services when providing any service.
  • We track and measure the operations on the databases that interfere with the good functionality of your storage engine.
  • We create backup protocols in an automatized manner in different data centers, as well as backup protocols to restore information.
  • We configure your backup systems with a high disponibility with the goal of guaranteeing the continuous storage functioning of your devices.
  • We define and launch processes that replicate your databases in real time, this is done on storage devices of considerable capacity.
  • We improve the performance of your relational systems, migrating the solutions to NoSQL systems.
  • We monitor the operations on the database, according to the business restrictions.


We configure detection systems against intruders for your infrastructure, we also monitor the performance of your devices, as well as, inappropriate operations. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • We configure your communication equipment and your servers in order for them to signal a monitoring central about uncommon activities or unusual activities.
  • We install probes in your servers in order to obtain information regarding its temperature, storage, and processing, as well as, the network traffic.
  • We create filtering mechanisms of information through the use of free tools, in order to avoid entering pornographic and leisure-focused sites.
  • We monitor the access to your services, both in prohibited time zones as well as from prohibited geographical areas.


We generate alerts about the monitoring executed, according to the established thresholds. The subprocess taken into account are:

  • The first measurement taken is a notification sent via email, where the data of the specific device or service that presents the alert is described.
  • The second measurement taken, besides the email described in the previous point, is a recorded phone call that will inform you of the device or service that presents the alert.
  • The third measurement is a remote intervention from our specialized personnel on the device or service that has been affected that is made in order to reestablish your functionality or decrease the possible impact accordingly to the terms and conditions previously established.