The importance of monitoring our infrastructure

The importance of monitoring our infrastructure



Now, we would like to talk through a post about one of the free alternatives to monitor and know the state of our information systems, more specifically from the hardware’s point of view. However, this tool can also integrate some components to monitor business logic, with which is possible to identify early behavioral problems within a business operation.

It is quite common in the festivities near the end of the year for teams that are involved with safekeeping the servers’ infrastructure stable to wish to take a break from work and spend it with their loved ones, but this tendency tend to trouble quite a lot the companies, this is even more troubling when our information systems make repetitive tasks based and that depend on a specialized operator throughout the day. And so, in plenty of cases we come to know that our services done virtually have been down due to the notifications our own clients have given us because of the lack of disponibility our website has, and thus affecting our corporative image.

This undoubtedly creates distrustful vibes amongst our clients, who search to outsource their operations in order not to become stressed. And this is even more fragile when our services bring solutions to our clients’ critical stages that are essential in their monetization processes, generating gaps in their pacted agreements, which commonly is linked with monetary penalties.

Our proposal is based on the configuration of free programming tools with which is viable to monitor the CPU’s state, RAM usage, disk space capacity, network traffic, among others. It is also possible to check the databases and  monitor any behaviors using SQL operations, these allow us to identify the state each process has. Noticing the changes in behavior of your infrastructures in pertinent time would help to take prompt countermeasures that will minimize the risk your services may have to degrade over time, this could easily be compared to a medical diagnosis, an early diagnose could save the system from a catastrophic collapse.

The web administrators for example should almost immediately know the web traffic that their services demands for, this allows them to define certain thresholds associated with firewalls. Taking this into account for example would allow us to know in real time when a denial-of-service attack would attempt to saturate our response times, or even more trivial, we would know when a hard drive is close to be entirely filled with the service logs of the machine. The high quality processes generally come along with certain mechanisms, it’s pretty clear that when we are not aware and we do not measure our processes, we would hardly be able to use metrics to help us improve our current levels of offer versus the demand we have.